country of young

Herman, Bridget, Anthony

Herman is 17 years old and takes care of his two siblings who are five and seven years old. Herman's father died after his birth and the father of the younger ones died a couple years ago. His mother died two months ago because of AIDS. Herman heads one of many households in Uganda managed by children.


(c) Photo: Stefan Pleger

Godfrey and Rosemary

About two years ago, Fr. Joseph gave Rosemary the extreme unction. She stoped taking her AIDS medicine to be able to pay for the education of her children. Thanks to the help of the Austrian Relief Organisation, and thanks to the commitment from Fr. Joseph, she takes her medicine again. Because she is still very weak, Godfrey, her 14 year old son has to take care of the housework. He takes care of the chickens, fetches water and tills the little banana field.

(c) Photo: Stefan Pleger

Ceasar Lukango

Ceasar is the headmaster from St. Mary's School in Zigoti. He is also the teacher of Herman and his siblings. In cooperation with an Austrian Relief Organization, Ceasar takes also care of orphans who have AIDS.

Lazarus and his five children

Lazarus is 67 years old, and he takes care of five children, who are his neices and nephews. His brother died of AIDS. Because of his old age, he is not able to do a lot. This is the reason why the children have to take care of water, food, the housekeeping as well as the financial income.


Fr. Joseph Ssekannyo

He manages a parish which is as big as Tyrol. Besides offering Catholic mass, he provides medical help as well as AIDS consulting. To be able to get to the parishioners, he has to ride a Enduro- motorcycle, because there are no streets.

Harriet Nabalende*

Harriet has been HIV positive since 1999. Her deceased husband infected her. As a teacher she provides educational work, pro bono in schools in Uganda.

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